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Minecraft has long been a staple in the gaming world, its block-building allure captivating audiences on almost every modern platform. One might wonder if there's any value in purchasing Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch, given its prevalence on other consoles. The answer is a thunderous yes. The Switch’s versatility breathes new life into this classic, making it an essential purchase. 

Exploring the Gameplay: A Sandbox Adventure Worth Sinking Time Into

Minecraft is an open-ended sandbox adventure that offers players two distinct modes of gameplay. There's the creative mode that allows players to craft intricate structures with an unlimited supply of materials. Alternatively, the survival mode challenges players using a limited quantity of resources and a specific set of rules. Regardless of your choice, be prepared to lose track of time, as Minecraft's charm is known to pull players into lengthy, immersive sessions.

Commanding Controls: Simplified Navigation for Console Play

Minecraft on the Switch has done an excellent job of simplifying controls for console play. The lack of a keyboard and mouse is hardly noticeable, thanks to intuitive solutions that make inventory screens and menus easy to navigate. Although the game does not support a single Joy-Con play, which may require your friend to use a full controller, the overall control setup delivers a satisfying experience.

Multiplayer Magic: Share the Joy with Friends

Minecraft is a game best enjoyed by others, and the Switch version supports both online and offline multiplayer modes. You can play with up to eight players online or four players locally. The experience remains smooth and enjoyable even when you add more local players. However, take note that the online mode currently doesn't support in-game audio chat, which could affect your multiplayer experience if you enjoy strategizing with friends.

The Visuals: A Pleasing Performance on Both Docked and Undocked Modes

What stands out in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is its commendable performance. The game maintains a stable framerate, and the draw distance is comparable to the Wii U version when docked. The undocked mode does reduce the draw distance slightly due to power constraints, but never to the point of feeling restrictive. The world sizes of 3072 x 3072 ensure ample room for creativity and exploration.

The Best Portable Version of Minecraft

While this is essentially another excellent port of Minecraft, the convenience and versatility that the Switch provides make this version particularly appealing. The transition between docked and undocked modes is seamless, making it the most accessible and playable Minecraft ever. 


  • Versatile and easily accessible on the Switch
  • Provides the best portable version of Minecraft
  • Supports both online and offline multiplayer modes
  • Simple and intuitive controls for console play


  • Does not support in-game audio chat for online mode
  • The undocked mode reduces draw distance slightly
  • Does not support single Joy-Con play