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  • Mastering the Art of Workbench Installation on Starfield Spaceships 1 day ago

    Starfield's universe is a place of endless possibilities, and customizing your spaceship is one of its most exciting aspects. One of the essential customizations is installing Workbenches. Workbenches aren't mere standalone additions. Instead, they are built into specific Habitat Modules, offering a comprehensive crafting solution on your spaceship. This handy guide will walk you through the process of integrating Workbenches into your spaceship in Starfield, step by step.

    Step 1: Understanding the Basics of Workbenches

    In Starfield, three primary types of Workbenches are vital for any spaceship - Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench, and Weapon Workbench. These Workbenches are integrated into your spaceship's design or added through specific Habitat Modules. Note that these modules, once chosen while building or customizing your ship, cannot be altered later. Hence, careful choice is pivotal.

    Step 2: Identifying the Right Habitat Modules

    Workbenches don't come as individual add-ons. They are part of Habitat Modules with pre-built Workbenches. However, the challenge lies in identifying the right modules since, during ship customization, the Ship Technician doesn't reveal which Workbenches come with different modules. The trick is to look for Workshop Habitats as these are the only modules that include all types of Workbenches.

    Step 3: Choosing the Perfect Workshop Module

    Workshop Habitats always come in a convenient 2x1 piece, making them easy to incorporate into almost any ship. Various Habitat Modules offer Workshop Habitats, but the five best options according to our research are Taiyo Workshop 2x1, Nova Galactic Workshop 2x1, Stroud Workshop 2x1, Nova Galactic Workshop 2x1, and Deimos Workshop 2x1. Before making a choice, ensure that you check your ship's Hull space to ascertain if the selected Habitat Module fits well within the overall design.

    Step 4: Where to Find Habitat Modules

    Now that you have identified the right Workshop Habitat, the next step is to purchase it. The best place to get these Habitat Modules with Workbenches is from the Ship Technician in Akila City, a bustling civilization on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system.

    Step 5: Adding Extra Crafting Stations

    While Workbenches cover the basics, you may want to enhance your crafting capabilities further. For instance, if you wish to craft the best armor sets or upgrade your weapons, consider including a Research Station in your ship. Infirmary or Science Lab parts will add a Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab to your ship, further expanding your crafting areas.

    Step 6: Enjoying the Perks of Onboard Workbenches

    Once you have successfully installed Workbenches on your ship, you will no longer have to visit major cities or settlements to modify your items. You can craft, modify, and enhance your items right from the comfort of your spaceship as you explore the vast universe of Starfield.

    This guide is your key to mastering the intricacies of adding Workbenches to your ship and fully leveraging your crafting capabilities in Starfield. So, gear up and get ready to create your unique space adventure.

    Amanda Griffith
  • Roblox Bolsters its Platform with Acquisition of Voice Tech Startup Speechly 2 days ago

    In a strategic move to bolster its voice chat capabilities, Roblox, a global online platform bringing millions of people together through play, recently announced its acquisition of Helsinki-based start-up, Speechly. Known for its innovations in voice technology, Speechly specializes in real-time transcription, voice chat moderation, and Voice API. This acquisition could be a game-changer for Roblox, expanding its voice chat-based interactions and enhancing the overall gaming experience for its 65.5 million daily active users.

    Speechly's inception in 2016 was driven by the ambition to improve computer voice interactions and enhance online communication. It has been successful in developing a real-time voice moderation technology that can significantly reduce toxic behavior in online communities. Roblox, on its part, has been continuously working towards enhancing its user experience by integrating voice chat into its platform. The recent announcement of avatar-based voice calls with facial motion tracking is a clear reflection of this endeavour. The acquisition of Speechly is therefore a strategic fit for Roblox, aligning perfectly with its vision and mission.

    The key advantage of this partnership lies in Speechly’s AI moderation tools, which can effectively handle real-time voice communication. With the gaming community increasingly embracing the use of voice chat, Roblox’s decision to acquire Speechly’s capabilities is indeed timely. According to Speechly’s study, nearly 70% of gamers have used voice chat at least once, and 72% of them reported experiencing a toxic incident. Therefore, the ability to effectively moderate voice-based interactions is crucial, and Speechly, with its AI-based moderation tools, seems to have the solution.

    Speechly's co-founder and CTO, Hannes Heikinheimo, expressed his excitement about partnering with Roblox, a company he believes shares their commitment to safety and civility. He stated, "Roblox is building the leading platform for 3D immersive communication and connection. Everyday 65.5 million daily active users of all ages come to Roblox to be together, experience, and create memories with friends. With the addition of new voice features, including voice chat, Roblox is solving new challenges—moderating spoken language in real time."

    The acquisition of Speechly by Roblox marks a significant step in the right direction for the gaming industry. It underlines the importance of robust moderation tools in ensuring a safe and enjoyable online gaming experience. It also serves as an inspiration for other gaming companies to continuously evolve and innovate, keeping user safety and experience at the forefront of their priorities. While the terms of the deal remain undisclosed, the acquisition is expected to be a win-win for both companies and a boon for the Roblox gaming community.

    Amanda Griffith
  • Grand Theft Auto VI: Leaked Gameplay Reveals Dramatic Overhaul in Wanted System and Police AI 2 days ago

    The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise, a juggernaut in the world of gaming, has always been lauded for the depth and detail of its open-world gameplay. When leaks of the latest iteration, GTA 6, started circumnavigating the internet, fans were excited to see the changes in their favorite game. The franchise is set to return to Vice City, introducing two main characters, and promises various improvements. However, the most notable leak divulges significant overhauls to the game's Wanted system and a more realistic depiction of police AI

    In the leaked clips, the protagonists, Jason and Lucia, are seen in the midst of a robbery at Hank's Waffle House. The footage hints at innovative features in GTA 6 that add a layer of realism to the crime and pursuit aspects of the game. One such feature includes a witness mechanic that comes into play as the characters commit their crime. Under the Wanted level, the term "Full Description" appears, suggesting that the witnesses have a clear understanding of the player's appearance.

    Moreover, as Lucia is seen entering the police vehicle, the status changes from 'No Vehicle Description' to 'Full Vehicle Description'. The game indicates that the police now have comprehensive information about your vehicle. This information is also confirmed by a text prompt in the top-left corner that states, "Any vehicle you are seen entering will be known by the Law." This shows a developed pursuit mechanic that adds a level of challenge and realism to the gameplay.

    Additional changes include a new mechanic allowing Jason to stop customers (identified with a yellow icon) from alerting the police or fleeing the scene. There is also a new dispatch time for the police, adding a realistic delay before the authorities arrive on the scene. The police AI has also been improved enormously. The AI adjusts its stance based on the object's height in front of it, lowers its position while reloading, and continues to shoot while moving, creating a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

    While the release date of GTA 6 hasn't been officially announced by Rockstar, rumors suggest it could be as early as 2024. With these impressive improvements, GTA 6 is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and thrilling releases in the franchise's history. The overhaul of the Wanted system and the smarter police AI are sure to deliver a more immersive and challenging game experience for the players.

    Amanda Griffith
  • Threads Stretches its Search Capabilities across English and Spanish-speaking Nations 1 week ago

    Instagram Threads, a platform owned by Meta, has begun to upscale its search feature to cover most English and Spanish-speaking countries. Following the successful testing phase in Australia and New Zealand, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the news of the expansion on a Thread’s post. It is expected to be a significant advancement for the platform as it becomes more accessible to users across diverse geographical locations, including Argentina, India, Mexico, the UK, and the US.

    The evolution of Threads' search functionality marks a strategic move by its parent company, Meta. This decision seeks to make the experience on Threads more inclusive and user-friendly. With the improved scope of its search feature, Threads continues its competitive stride against other social media platforms, the likes of Twitter's platform-cum-product X. Threads had previously tinkered with a basic search function, but it was limited in its capabilities, merely enabling users to connect with other Threads users.

    A huge difference is set to come in with the introduction of full-text search, which challenges the previous limitations encountered on the platform. No longer limiting users to connecting with their counterparts, the Threads community can now delve into the discussions on the platform by searching for popular topics and keywords. This makes the platform more interactive and allows insight into the hot topics and ongoing conversations at any given time.

    Meta's smart move in featuring the full-text search last week has been an instant hit, making Threads a go-to app. This is because of the increased chance for users to interact with the platform in a whole new way, not only with people but with ideas, concepts, and debates. This new feature is set to break the boundaries previously set and will cater to avid social media users and digital enthusiasts like never before. 

    In conclusion, the expansion of Threads' search functionality across English and Spanish-speaking nations is a game-changer. With the advent of full-text search, the platform is becoming more inclusive, a center of intriguing discussion, and an epicenter of exchange between users. Not only does this move pages ahead for Threads, but it also redefines how social media platforms work, extending their capabilities from mere user interaction to meaningful and engaging discourse. Meta indeed seems to be on its way to molding the future of social interaction.

    Amanda Griffith

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BeamNG.drive BeamNG.drive

BeamNG.drive is a soft-body physics vehicle simulator featuring unique realistic damage modeling. The game features impressive graphics and accurate damage modeling that creates an immersive and realistic experience for the player.

BeamNG.drive is a vehicle simulation game developed and published by BeamNG. It was released on May 29, 2015, for Microsoft Windows. The game is set in an open-world environment and features realistic vehicle physics and destruction.


BeamNG.drive features realistic soft-body physics that creates an immersive and believable driving experience. The damage modeling is accurate and realistic, making for a very satisfying gameplay experience. There are a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, each with its own unique physics. 

The game features a damage system that realistically simulates the effects of crashes. There are also a large number of levels to play, each with different challenges. The game also features a built-in modding system that allows players to create and share their own content. 

BeamNG.drive is a vehicle simulation game that allows players to experience realistic car physics. The game features a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Players can drive around in the open world, or participate in races and other challenges.


BeamNG.drive features impressive graphics that create a realistic and believable world. The damage modeling is particularly impressive, with accurate and realistic visuals. The game also features a wide variety of vehicles and levels, each with its own unique visuals.

BeamNG.drive features high-quality graphics that realistically portray the vehicles and environments. The graphics are further enhanced by the game's soft-body physics engine, which simulates realistic vehicle behavior and damage.


BeamNG.drive features simple and easy-to-use controls. The game is accessible to a wide range of players. The controls are responsive and easy to use, making for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

BeamNG.drive features simple and easy-to-use controls that are well-suited for the game's vehicle simulation gameplay. Players can easily control their vehicles and perform a variety of stunts and maneuvers.


BeamNG.drive is highly replayable due to its large number of vehicles and levels. There is also a built-in modding system that allows players to create and share their own content. The game is also highly replayable due to its realistic damage modeling and believable graphics.

BeamNG.drive is a highly replayable game. The game's open-world environment and variety of vehicles and challenges give players a lot of content to explore. The game's damage system also adds to the replayability, as players can experiment with different ways to crash their vehicles.


BeamNG.drive is a vehicle simulation game that features a realistic physics engine and a damage system that realistically simulates the damage to vehicles. The game is highly replayable and features a custom editor that allows players to create custom vehicles and tracks.

BeamNG.drive is a great vehicle simulation game that features realistically simulated car physics and impressive graphics. The game is easy to control, and its open-world environment and variety of vehicles and challenges make it highly replayable.

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