WhatsApp Elevates iOS User Experience with a Surge in Group Call Capacity

  • 02-11-2023 |
  • Amanda Griffith

WhatsApp is amping up its group calling capabilities in a new update for iOS. Owned by Meta, the widely-used messaging application previously increased the maximum number of call participants to 32. Until this update, only 15 group members could be invited to join a call. The recent tweak will now let users add up to 31 participants to a group call, as stated by a feature tracking account.

The feature-tracking website, WABetaInfo, reported that the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, 23.22.72, introduces this significant change, even though it's not stated in the app's changelog. It did indicate other new features and updates implemented recently.

This enhancement allows a user to initiate a group call for up to 31 participants, making group calling a more straightforward process than before. In the past, WhatsApp confined the initiation of a group call to 15 people, while others had to join the call manually. If this feature isn't active despite installing the latest update, the rollout might take a few more days or even weeks before reaching your application.

Recent weeks have witnessed a series of updates from WhatsApp, introducing features like support for multiple account sign-ups on a single smartphone and including passkeys for Android. Individuals with two phone numbers can now use both their digits to set up separate WhatsApp accounts on the same application.

Furthermore, Android users will experience a simplified login process with the introduction of passkeys and fingerprint recognition. These features offer better security and enhance safety by replacing the reliance on passwords with public key cryptography. The rollout of passkey functionality on Android has begun and even integrates with Google's password manager. There's no clarity yet if these features will be a part of the iOS updates in the future.