Starfield's Unexpected Orbit: A Missed Game Awards Opportunity

  • 15-11-2023 |
  • Amanda Griffith

Once envisioned as Bethesda's next monumental leap in the RPG genre, Starfield has found itself navigating a peculiar course post-launch. With ambitions reaching the stars, the community expected wonders. Still, when it landed, the fanfare quieted to a murmur as players faced a familiar inventory system and echoes of past shortcomings.

The backdrop for Bethesda's latest offering was tantalizing: an expansive universe teeming with potential. Gamers fantasized about 'Skyrim in space' — an adventure promising to stretch the canvas of RPGs across the infinite tapestry of the cosmos. Yet, in practice, players found themselves orbiting a familiar planet, albeit with a few new moons to explore. The gamesphere's reaction, once the dust settled, spoke volumes: from the lackluster response at The Game Awards to the subdued sighs on social media platforms. Within forums and tweets alike, there was an air of resignation among even the game's avid enthusiasts.

The crux of the matter lay not in the game's stability — admirably solid for a Bethesda title — but rather in what it represented in relation to its lofty aspirations. The game's mechanics failed to evoke the pioneering spirit fans had yearned for, and the narrative choices left little in the way of significant celestial marks. The skill trees, offering limited customization, and the locked-away core features left players craving more depth.

Strikingly, when Starfield did manage to clinch a single nomination at The Game Awards, the category of Best RPG seemed a contested space where it might not thrive. Other titles within the genre presented more robust worlds and impactful narrative choices. Hope flickered, but the competition's gravitational pull seemed stronger, leaving Starfield adrift in a sea of RPG giants.

Even as Starfield continues its journey through gaming's vast universe, what resonates most are the missed opportunities and the thought of what could have been. Its course correction might lie in listening to those subdued voices — it's clear there's affection among the community, but an appetite for something greater matches it. Bethesda's next challenge is to reach beyond the familiar constellations and truly deliver an RPG experience that is out of this world.