Neon White Steps Into Physical Reality: Leaked Target Information Reveals

  • 12-07-2023 |
  • Jack Edwards

Neon White, a fan-favorite game known for its innovative mechanics and quirky humor, is ready to step beyond the digital world. Thanks to a listing found on Target's pre-order pages, we can confirm that Neon White is about to be available in physical form on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. This unexpected reveal came ahead of any formal announcements, leaving fans in a state of thrilled anticipation.

Currently, gamers can head over to Target's website and search for "Neon White" to find the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch pre-order options. The discovery seems too accurate to be a mistake, meaning we can expect an official announcement very soon, likely during business hours. In case this turns out to be an accidental reveal, there's a high probability that the listings will be taken down until further notice.

Neon White provides a unique twist to the standard FPS gameplay by promoting speed and agility. Players, taking on the role of Neon White, are given the freedom to swap their weapons for parkour skills, making for an intense time trial-style gameplay. Earning and discarding "Soul Cards" allows players to access new weapons and gain buffs to enhance their movements, adding a layer of strategic thinking to the rapid gameplay.

Neon White offers a standard platformer experience, but its stylish presentation and time-based challenges have earned it a dedicated fanbase. Players are advised to have a taste for time trials before diving into this fast-paced game. The buzz generated by the news of a physical release is a clear indication that those who love the game truly adore it.

One crucial observation, however, is the absence of an Xbox physical edition in Target's listings. As the situation stands, it's uncertain whether an Xbox version forms a part of the plan. But with the kind of demand the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch versions might generate, it's plausible that Annapurna Interactive, the publisher, would find it worthwhile to invest in an Xbox physical edition, too.