Minecraft's Galactic Quest: Game Triumphs with 300 Million Downloads, Champion Armadillos and Star Wars DLC Incoming

  • 17-10-2023 |
  • Amanda Griffith

The book on this year's Minecraft Live has been closed, concluding a somewhat contentious mob vote and releasing a stream of thrilling updates on the beloved all-ages crafting game.

During the live stream, Mojang took a break from the hullabaloo to highlight some kickoffs. The first one is the monumental achievement of Minecraft officially topping 300 million downloads. This notable feat positions the game, well known for its blocky adventures, ahead of stalwarts like GTA 5, Tetris, and Red Dead Redemption 2, thereby crowning it the top-grossing game ever.

To commemorate this distinction, Minecraft is charting the course for the cosmos with its impending Star Wars-themed DLC. Set to land in the in-game Marketplace on November 7, 2023, players will be transported into the roles of Jedi, evolving from an apprentice Padawan to a seasoned Jedi Knight. Eager fans are looking forward to exploring potent force abilities and engaging in dynamic lightsaber battles on this newest launch.

For those who had their eyes glued to the livestream, the Armadillo would not be a stranger. This cute creature, endemic to the savannah biome, can curl up into a regular block when surprised. It emerged as the champion in the annual vote, defeating stiff competition from the penguin and the crab. But the Armadillos aren't merely ornamental; they can drop exclusive loot that can be instrumental in forging armor for wolves and horses.

Given the practicality of this feature, it's not surprising that the Armadillo took the crown. Gamers have long sought a simple solution to safeguard their wolves and secure horse armor. Previously, stumbling upon horse armor meant relying on fortuitous events while raiding desert temples. Thankfully, that scenario has taken a turn for the better with this update.