Meta Unveils Enhanced Reels Advertising Options and Simplified Music Feature for Engaging Promotions

  • 21-06-2023 |
  • Jack Edwards

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, recently announced new Reels ad options to help businesses take advantage of the rapidly growing short-form video format. In addition, a simplified music tool will be introduced for Reels promotions to enhance user engagement further. The expansion of Reels ad options and the addition of the new music tool are aimed at providing marketers with more effective ways to reach their target audience.

Reels advertising was first launched last year, and since then, Meta has been gradually increasing the number of creators and ad formats involved in the program. With over half of Facebook and Instagram users' time spent on video content and Reels being re-shared more than 2 billion times a day, it is clear that the format is becoming an increasingly popular engagement tool. To help businesses capitalize on this trend, Meta is expanding the availability of Reels ads to new brands and introducing app promotion ads for Reels on both Facebook and Instagram.

As part of its effort to enhance the promotional capabilities of Reels, Meta is testing music optimization in Facebook Reels. This feature allows advertisers to automatically apply free music tracks from Meta's Sound Collection library to their single-image ads. Although single-image ads might not fully exploit the engagement potential of Reels, adding music or simple animation can significantly boost user interaction. In fact, Meta's research indicates that Reels ads featuring both music and voice-over generate a 15-point higher average positive response score compared to silent ads.

Aside from expanding its Reels ad options, Meta also seeks to provide advertisers with more control over ad placement and performance. The company is currently testing a brand suitability inventory filter, which aims to enhance ad placement management. In addition, Meta is collaborating with Zefr, a video verification company, to develop a third-party verification solution. This collaboration will involve selecting advertisers and is expected to improve ad reach and overall performance within the Reels ecosystem.

In conclusion, Meta's latest developments in Reels advertising options and the simplified music tool demonstrate the platform's commitment to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve in the world of social media marketing. As Reels continues to grow in popularity and dominate users' time on Facebook and Instagram, it becomes increasingly important for brands to leverage the format for effective promotions. With the expanded ad options and simplified music features, marketers now have even more tools at their disposal to create engaging promotional content and maximize their reach within the Meta ecosystem.