Horizon Forbidden West’s PC Launch Pushed it into US Charts for Best-Selling Games of the Week.

  • 05-04-2024 |
  • Amanda Griffith

The latter part of March saw a bustling release schedule for video games, with noteworthy titles such as Dragon’s Dogma 2, Rise of the Ronin, Princess Peach: Showtime!, and Alone in the Dark debuting. Amidst these exciting releases, Sony also introduced the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West, which promptly garnered attention and drew a vast number of players on Steam right after its launch.
The release of Horizon Forbidden West on PC not only captivated a large audience but also led to a noticeable upsurge in sales. Circana analyst Mat Piscatella revealed through a Twitter statement that within merely three days on the market, ending the week of March 23, Horizon Forbidden West secured a position among the top ten best-selling games across the United States. This leap in sales was particularly remarkable considering that just the week before its PC debut, the game did not feature in the top 100 rankings, highlighting the impact of its launch on PC.
Such an impressive performance of Horizon Forbidden West on the PC platform seemed anticipated, especially considering the success of its prequel. Data obtained from a leak in December, originating from an Insomniac hack, exposed that Horizon Zero Dawn had achieved sales surpassing 3.3 million units on Steam. Given this precedent, the significant sales boost and warm reception of Horizon Forbidden West on PC could have been expected, yet it nonetheless underscores the title's allure and enduring appeal within the gaming community.