DNF Duel Unveils Fifth DLC Character, Nen Master

  • 04-05-2024 |
  • Jack Edwards

Nearly two years after its release, DNF Duel, developed by Nexon and Neople, may not boast a bustling player community but continues to expand with new content. The game recently welcomed Nen Master to its expanding lineup of characters.

The reveal of Nen Master came through a concise trailer which, while short on details, hinted that she possesses the power to manipulate elements of nature. This upcoming character is set to debut in the summer, though no specific date has yet been announced.

Nen Master marks the fifth and final addition under the current Season Pass for DNF Duel, following the inclusion of characters such as Spectre, Brawler, Battle Mage, and Monk. Whether Nexon will extend its support for the game with another Season Pass remains uncertain at this point.

DNF Duel is currently available across multiple platforms including PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.