Diablo 4 patch 1.1.2 will be released

  • 10-08-2023 |
  • Jack Edwards

The next hotfix for Diablo 4 is on the horizon and is anticipated to be released "very soon."

Even as Blizzard released a fresh hotfix for Diablo 4 on August 9, its focus is locked on the next fix. This information came from a Twitter post by Adam Fletcher, who disclosed that hotfix 1.1.2 for Diablo 4 is imminent. The update is expected to, at last, address the glitch in the 'Fury Against Fate' side quest, which has been a persistent issue for players.

Yesterday's hotfix intended to rectify this quest, which remains incomplete for some players due to a glitch with a barricade. However, Blizzard encountered some backend issues and was unable to repair the quest problem with that hotfix. The resolution has hence been deferred to hotfix 1.1.2.

Hotfix 1.1.1 did provide an added benefit by enhancing the likelihood of gamers obtaining Wrathful Hearts and Wrathful Invokers. This adjustment will be welcomed by players vying for seasonal items.

Fletcher also mentioned that a fix for Rogue's Caged Heart of Trickery is included in the hotfix. According to a report on Reddit, this item was initially designed to distract enemies using a decoy. In reality, the user became the focal point of the taunting, negating the item's original purpose.

Hotfix 1.1.1 was well-received by Diablo 4 enthusiasts, and it is hoped that the upcoming patch will elicit a similar response. The recent weeks have been challenging for Blizzard, with numerous complaints from gamers to address. However, with the latest fixes, the situation appears to be leaning in their favor.