Among Us Stages Super Mario-esque Adventure with 'The Fungle,' the Latest Map Addition

  • 14-10-2023 |
  • Jack Edwards

After a gap exceeding two years, the much-celebrated game of tricks and tasks, Among Us, is pulsating with anticipation as it gets ready to unveil its latest map - The Fungle. This new world showcases charming stretches of peculiar beaches and forests teeming with mushroom growths, evoking an undeniable Super Mario resonance.

Players in The Fungle will encounter the delightful oddities of a planet flush with vibrant mushrooms, beaches inhabited by hermit crabs, and carnivorous vegetation. The sight of overgrown mushrooms, beachscapes, and carnivorous flora akin to the piranha plants from the Mario series is hard to miss, although the jolly Mario might not last long facing betrayal in this game's scenario.

The vibrant mushrooms in this map emit a puff of violet spores when players rush over them. However, the potential implications of this occurrence during gameplay are yet to be revealed. Similarly, stepping onto these predatory plants might lead to them engulfing the player, indicated by onscreen arrows, which possibly suggest their function as transport conduits for the impostors, similar to the ship vents on the existing map.

On the brighter side, players have a fresh lot of tasks to accomplish. The released teaser offered glimpses of players concocting sushi-style gastronomies inside a kitchen and a bean-shaped marshmallow roasting over a bonfire captured from a first-person perspective. These are just a few of the many ways for players to foil underhanded attempts to disrupt group communication and rescue missions.

Embracing the castaway theme, the update will also feature cosmetic enhancements like mushroom-themed hat accessories for VR players, innovative ejection animations, and visuals, launching in a separate patch, including fungi-inspired hats. The invocation of emergency meetings will be signaled by a fun twist - a bean sounding off a conch shell.

The game's creator, InnerSloth, has billed this update as the most significant community addition since the launch of the last map - The Airship, which was introduced back in 2021.

The virtual doors to The Fungle will be thrown open to all Among Us players on October 24th at 10 a.m. PT without any charges.