Ahead of Epic Invasion: Fortnite Crossover With ‘Futurama’ Unveiled

  • 26-07-2023 |
  • Amanda Griffith

In an exciting twist of events, Epic Games' Fortnite is joining forces with the iconic adult-animated comedy Futurama. This thrilling revelation comes hot on the heels of the company’s resumption from its summer break. Scheduled to make its debut on July 26, following an update, the highly-anticipated crossover is set to take Fortnite's immersive gaming experience to a whole new level.

This unexpected collaboration follows the recent release of a new Futurama season. To mark this milestone, the adult animation comedy is taking the celebration to the Fortnite universe. This groundbreaking information was first disclosed by Fortnite’s official Twitter handle, then amplified by various data miners, who also shared a captivating teaser video.

The video is a brilliant rendition of Futurama’s signature introduction sequence, masterfully recreated in the Fortnite setting. A prominent feature in the teaser is the Mega City Point of Interest (POI), presenting the Hypnotoad on a large digital screen within the city. The teaser takes a dramatic turn when the Planet Express ship comes into the frame, crash-landing into the screen showcasing the famed frog, causing it to shatter, reminiscent of the beloved 1999 show's opening scene.

While concrete details about the crossover's scope are yet to be unveiled, speculation abounds. It's anticipated that the Fortnite and Futurama collaboration will usher in new skins and cosmetic items. There may be special in-game items too. This wouldn't be far-fetched considering Epic Games' notable Dragon Ball crossover, which was introduced following their return from the previous year's summer break.

In conclusion, there is a palpable sense of excitement within the gaming community as everyone eagerly anticipates the unveiling of this remarkable crossover. This collaboration brings together two very different worlds in a unique blend of gaming and animated culture. Fortunately for fans, the wait for more detailed information will be short-lived, as the Fortnite and Futurama crossover is set to unfold tomorrow.