Mastering the Equestrian Lifestyle in Sims 4: Horse Ranch

  • 26-07-2023 |
  • Jack Edwards

In the idyllic world of The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion, horses offer more than just companionship. They are central to a rewarding and interactive gameplay experience that allows players to earn significant amounts of Simoleons. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to leverage horse-related activities, including entering horse competitions, selling horses, participating in community jobs, and even utilizing horse manure to ensure a steady source of income.

Making a Name in Horse Competitions

Horse Competitions

A great way to start earning with horses in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch is by entering horse competitions. Despite the initial outlay required for entry fees, especially on higher levels, the financial rewards can be well worth it if your horse ranks highly. To increase consistency in high placings, players are advised to invest in training and maximizing both riding and horse skills. Owning multiple horses would be a strategic move, as it allows players to participate in more competitions per day, hence the potential for more earnings.

The dual advantages of winning competitions include not only cash prizes but also an increase in a horse’s sell value. Breeding from animals with the subsequent “Champion Horse” reward trait can result in offspring with higher value and enhanced ease of training.

The Art of Selling Horses

For players with an interest in breeding and training horses, selling these magnificent creatures can turn into a profitable venture. Horse value is determined by several factors, including skill levels, age, competition performance, care level, and whether they possess the sought-after Champion Genes. Therefore, constant breeding and training are key to maintaining this income route.

To optimize profit from selling horses, aim to acquire the Grand Champ Trainer trait, obtainable through completing the Championship Rider aspiration. This not only speeds up horse training but also commands higher sell prices for horses.

Engaging in Community Jobs

Engaging in Community Jobs

In The Sims 4: Horse Ranch, players have the opportunity to make extra money with horses by opting for community jobs. These small gigs are comparable with odd jobs but prove worthwhile when pursued with high horse riding and vet skills. Participation is straightforward- select the option from a Community Board, either located in Chestnut Ridge or purchasable from the Buy menu.

Although these jobs usually require a horse and take around 4 hours to complete, they can engage other farm animals like mini sheep and mini goats, offering more options for players.

Surprising Income from Horse Manure

Horses contribute to your Sims wealth in some unexpected ways, including their regular 'bathroom' breaks. Horse manure, which gets dropped around the lot, might not seem valuable initially. However, with variations selling between 10 to 20 simoleons, it can add up to a decent passive income when collected consistently. Alternatively, players with a green thumb can transform this waste into a valuable fertilizer, enhancing crop quality and thus their market value. Although purely relying on manure wouldn't be a sustainable way to make Simoleons, it still provides an intriguing addition to your various income streams.

By adopting these strategies, players can immerse in engaging horse-centered gameplay in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion while accumulating quite a fortune. So saddle up, and enjoy the equestrian journey towards becoming a Simoleons millionaire!